Month: December 2018

Mallorca - 5

Velusso Spotlight – Cycling in Girona

It’s no secret that the Catalan city of Girona is home to many of the world’s top professional cyclists. Whilst many of us don’t have the luxury of choosing where in the world we’d like to live based solely on cycling suitability, the best bike riders in the world do - so, when deciding where to go on your next cycling holiday, it’s well worth paying attention to where the…

Velusso Provence

Velusso Spotlight – Cycling in Provence

Most cyclists, when envisioning a cycling trip in France, conjure up images of heroic Tour de France stages, endless Alpine climbs and exhilarating hairpin descents. However if you’re interested in a cycling holiday instead of a gruelling training camp and would prefer to take things a little easier while still riding day in day out through stunning scenery, you might want to consider the Rhône Valley area of Provence in…