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Preparing for the Mallorca312 – Velusso’s 5 Top Tips

The Mallorca312 is one of the most challenging sportive events in the world. At 312 kilometres in length, it features 5,000 metres of climbing, and will take the majority of riders more than 10 hours to complete.

Rides like this require careful and detailed preparation. Perfect preparation prevents poor performance (5 P’s). Here are Velusso’s 5 Top Tips for preparing for an endurance cycling event like the Mallorca312.

1) Arrive Early – Ride and Relax

Many riders will travel to the island of Mallorca especially for the Mallorca312. Why wouldn’t you? This is an event for any rider’s bucket list.

Don’t rush yourself though, make the most of your time in Mallorca; come a few days earlier to test ride a few of the climbs and familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Make sure you are properly relaxed before the big day.

2) Eat and Drink

Fuel for the ride is so important, both for being competitive and for just finishing the mammoth route of the Mallorca312.

Eat a good meal the night before. We are huge fans of lasagne and chilli con carne at the Velusso Villa (prepared fresh using local ingredients). Then, on the morning of the event have a hearty breakfast; we tend to opt for coffee and Bircher muesli at Velusso: the perfect slow-release energy for the ride ahead.

When you are out on the course, make the most of the provided feed stations to stock up on food and drink. There is no way you will complete 10+ hours in the saddle if you don’t take on enough calories to keep your engine fuelled. Eat lots, and stay hydrated, and you will enjoy the ride.

3) Ride Far

There is no substitute for miles in the legs, when it comes to endurance cycling events. Intervals and turbo sessions will get you so far, but for 10+ hours in the saddle, you need time on the road. How about an early season training camp with Velusso, to get you ready for the Mallorca312?

4) Bring Your Own Bike

We have great rental bikes available for guests that come on Velusso experiences; but in all honesty, for a 312-kilometre ride, we recommend that you bring your own bike, and preferably have a bike fit at least a month before the event.

Riding your own bike will be more comfortable, and more relaxing. You stand less change of injury, and more chance of having a great time.

5) Don’t Rush It      

The Mallorca312 is not a race. Yes, there will be those that race it; but for the majority it is simply a chance to enjoy the fantastic riding that Mallorca has to offer, with like minded people, on a supported route.

Try not to rush your ride: pace yourself, and keep energy in the tank for the return leg back up the island. If you go out too hard too early, then you will undoubtedly pay for it in the later hours.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the scenery. Just finishing this fantastic event is a huge achievement.