Memberships are now closed for 2019. We’ll be launching 2020 memberships towards the end of the year.

Clip In

The Velusso Cycling Club is an international community of riders, brought together by a shared love of cycling, camaraderie, and travel. We believe that cycling is a passion to be enjoyed in the company of other like-minded individuals, and Velusso CC is our way of bringing people together to do just that.


We believe that riding is a passion to be shared, and our club rides have provided us with some of our most rewarding memories on the bike. Regular organised rides from our Velusso cafés provide a popular way of meeting other members of all riding abilities, as do Velusso CC group rides organised by members themselves.

Be Inspired

Velusso CC membership is valid for twelve months, and it opens up access to a range of benefits tailored to the wants and needs of our riders. Access to events, coffee, travel exclusives, club kit and much more. Be inspired to make the most of your membership.

Velusso CC membership

  • VCC Welcome Pack
  • A unique VCC insignia badge
  • VCC Cycling Socks
  • Events with guest speakers, brand and inspirational riders
  • Complimentary coffee in the Café
  • Race accreditation through British Cycling
  • Regular rides from the Velusso Cafés with experienced Ride Leaders
  • Access to exclusive Velusso Cycling Club team kit
  • Velusso Strava club membership
  • Access to club travel experiences
  • Additional benefits from our cycling industry partners