New memberships available from December 2018

The Velusso Cycling Club is a collective of like-minded and passionate road cyclists. We hold a shared enthusiasm for the best coffee, the greatest climbs, and for taking the roads less travelled.

Join the wonderful camaraderie of our club rides, and together we can enjoy the best cycling experiences. We regularly run club rides, events, women only rides and we partner with Breeze for beginners rides.

Velusso CC membership is valid for twelve months, please see below for the benefits. If you would like to purchase membership for someone else, please get in touch.

Velusso CC membership

  • A unique VCC insignia badge
  • VCC Welcome Pack
  • Events with guest speakers, brand and inspirational riders
  • Complimentary coffee in the Café
  • Race accreditation through British Cycling
  • Regular rides from the Velusso Cafés with experienced Ride Leaders
  • Access to exclusive Velusso Cycling Club team kit
  • Velusso Strava club membership
  • Access to club travel experiences
  • Additional benefits from our cycling industry partners