Ventoux to Alpe d’Huez – Can you outride the Devil?

Introducing the Velusso Devil Ride – a monstrous one-day challenge between two iconic cycling battlegrounds.

Most cyclists would feel a sense of accomplishment climbing either Mont Ventoux or Alpe d’Huez. However
cycling travel and experience brand Velusso is challenging you to go much further and tackle both – riding between one and the other in just one day. Introducing the Velusso Devil Ride.

Totalling 265 km in length with over 7200m of climbing throughout an almighty ride, the Devil Ride is up there with the toughest days in the saddle – even the pros would think twice. Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez sit as two of the most revered climbs in Europe, battlegrounds to some of the most iconic bike races in cycling’s history but to tackle both in one ride is a feat very few have accomplished.

Giving his reasons for commercialising this satanic ride, Velusso founder James Bowtell said: “This type of event encompasses certain things we look for in a ride. It’s an unusual route, its start and finish points mark two of the world’s most famous climbs, it pushes amateur cyclists’ boundaries and once accomplished, it will be talked about over a pint or coffee for years to come.”

Bowtell himself is no stranger to epic tests of endurance, setting a new Guinness World Record in 2014 for the Race Across Europe, becoming the fastest solo rider from Ufa, Russia, to Cabo Da Roca, Portugal – a 6,226 km journey that took the ex-full time rider just 212 hours in the saddle.

The Devil Ride takes place on 25 August 2019 and is only for the brave (or downright stupid!). The open road event can be entered by a select group of riders, each of whom will be supported along the route by the Velusso crew with feed stations, mechanical support and following vehicles. The ride rolls out in the early hours of the morning with the first riders expected to reach the finish further east atop Alpe d’Huez around 7pm. Find out more about the Velusso Devil Ride ​here.